Bat-things in Batman's Utility Belt

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Can you name the sampling of Bat-items from Batman's Utility Belt*?

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This weapon is thrown by Batman, and would return to him in early versions
Wrist restraints to place on villains
Rope device, which makes a loop, to secure the feet of a fleeing adversary
Electronic device, used remotely, in order to locate thugs
The tips of these included a tranquilizer
For medical emergencies
Foam projector that fires an adhesive-like substance to incapacitate enemies
Handheld device providing illumination when pointed at objects in the darkness
Creates a haze obscuring villains' sight; or emits noxious elements or anesthesia into the air
Enables Batman to respirate underwater, or in a vacuum
Allows Batman to open locks
To zap, and immobilize, enemies with an electrical shock
To temporarily hold evidence
To cut through Poison Ivy's vines
To melt ice
To climb or descend buildings
To propel and secure a cord or cable which has hook(s) or magnets at the end
A projectile used to latch on to, and draw objects back to Batman
To detect imprints left by villains on things they had touched
To summon bats from the Batcave
Used in order to procure photographic evidence
Kept in a lead box for emergency use against rogue Kryptonians
Rolled down stairs to imitate footsteps (or cause villains to lose footing when stepped on)
Thrown or propelled to create noise, flashes of light, or destruction upon impact and detonation
To turn away menacing, finned, aquatic fish whose jaws just might happen to be clamped on to Batman's leg while on a rope dangling from the Batcopter

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