Missing Word: Backyard Summers

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Can you name the things sometimes found in backyards during the summer (or year-round)?

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Backyard ItemMissing Word AlphabeticalHint
___ GlovePlay catch!
___ FeederFilled with suet or sunflower seeds
___ BriquettesOften used for barbecue cooking
___houseSpot and Rover's place/kennel
Screen ___Keep those flies out of the house!
Picket ___Encloses a backyard
___ PotsWhat the Begonias might call 'home'
Wham-O ___Toss and curve it back and forth
Patio ___Take a break, and sit or recline
Soccer ___Kick it into this
Barbecue ___Cook burgers and hot dogs on it
Rope ___Rest, sleep, or swing in it
___ GardenWhere you grow basil and dill
Garden ____Plants gotta get watered
Play___The kids' private 'living quarters'
___ HoopSwing it around your hips
Glass ___To hold those fireflies you caught
Backyard ItemMissing Word AlphabeticalHint
Flood___To see the entire yard at night
Suntan ___Greasy and oily, preferably
Lawn ___The grass must get cut
___ TableAnd two benches as well
Horseshoe ___Where tosses land
Swimming ___Jump in
Badminton ___Hit the birdie with this
Insect ___Gotta keep the bugs from biting
___boxA boxed in area for making castles
___ SetPush the kids back and forth
Waterproof ___For outdoor 'sleepovers'
___ ShedWhere the rakes and shovels go
Shady ___With lots of leaves to block the sun
Hot ___Wearing a suit may be optional
___ NetServe and spike over this
Croquet ___Strike the ball through these hoops
___ ChimesLet nature make tinkling melodies

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