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Can you name the single word that can be used to complete each sentence*?

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Example: "The bus will _____ at the next _____, where passengers will exit." [S: halt/station] The single-word answer would be "stop", which can mean both "halt" and "station". ANSWERS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. (There is no clue for X).
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Phrase in which One Word can sufficeMissing WordFirst Letter & Meanings (in order)
The student was ___ confused, having not read ___ of the test instructions yet.A:   utterly/each
For the ___ part of the day, the soldier's ___ strategy was to defend the fort.B:   largest/greatest
A ___ friend often will stay ___ to you in times of trouble.C:   dear/near
If you ___ the salad, I'll ___ the dishes.D:   prepare/clean
The mower blade lost its ___, so the lawn near the ___ of the sidewalk wasn't cut.E:   sharpness/border
The player used ___ language when the referee's whistle indicated his ___.F:   vile/violation
Will time ___ more quickly for you if I ___?G:   pass/leave
I just ___ to ___ those shoes!H:   need/own
She was ___ to believe that the ski hill was ___ too steeply.I:    disposed/sloped
The lawyer ___ meant to say that the decision did not seem ___.J:   merely/fair
How ___ of you to bring me the ___ of flowers that I adore!K:   considerate/sort
I ___ for spring, for it has been gone a ___ time.L:   yearn/lengthy
Do you ___ to imply that I have been ___ to you just because you're worthless?M:   purport/nasty
She felt it would be a ___ idea to include young wizards in her ___.N:   unique/book
The King issued the ___ to his ___ of Knights, and they obeyed it.O:  command/fraternity
You've made your ___, now please ___ that sword at someone else!P:   suggestion/aim
With his ___ empty, the Yeoman watched his last arrow ___ on hitting the target.Q:   sheath/shake
Let's ___ here for a while, and we can eat the ___ of our picnic snacks.R:   pause/remainder
The repairman ___ the television ___ back onto its stand.S:   placed/apparatus
I would certainly ___ fishing if I knew how to use the ___.T:   attempt/equipment
It was no ___; my friend refused to discuss his drug ___.U:   good/addiction
The thief broke into the ___, and tried to ___ over the wall during his escape.V:   safe/hurdle
I'd like to have a ___ with you about disrespecting the letter 'X' in your ___ game.W:  chat/vocabulary
An incredible ___ told of a weaver whose house was constructed out of ___!Y:   tale/thread
The sightseer used the ___ setting, just in time to see the plane ___ upwards.Z:   closeup/speed

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