French Monarch Nicknames

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Can you name the nicknames of these French monarchs?

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Charles II843-877
Louis II877-879
Charles III898-922
Louis IV936-954
Louis V986-987
Robert II996-103
Philip I1060-1108
Louis VI 1108-1137
Louis VII1137-1180
Philip II1180-1223
Louis VIII1223-1226
Louis IX1226-1270
Philip III1270-1285
Philip IV1285-1314
Louis X1314-1316
John I1316
Philip V1316-1322
Charles IV1322-1328
Philip VI1328-1350
John II1350-1364
Charles V1364-1380
Charles VI1380-1422
Charles VII1422-1461
Louis XI1461-1483
Charles VIII1483-1498
Louis XII1498-1515
Francis I1515-1547
Henry IV1589-1610
Louis XIII1610-1643
Louis XIV1643-1715
Louis XV1715-1774
Louis XVI1774-1792
Louis-Philippe I1830-1848

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