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Can you name the European countries based on the year they became independent or unified?

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YearCountryDescription of Formation
301Independence from Roman Empire
1139Independence from Almoravid Empire
1263Independence from Mongol Empire
1338Independence from Genoa
1523Independence from Denmark
1648Independence from Spain
1829Independence from Ottoman Empire
1830Independence from the Netherlands
1866Independence from Germany
1867Independence from the Netherlands
1878 Unification
1905Independence from Sweden
1908Independence from Ottoman Empire
1912Independence from Ottoman Empire
4-Jan-1918Independence from Russian Empire
31-Oct-1918Country split into multiple parts
YearCountryDescription of Formation
11-Nov-1918Treaty to re-establish as a sovereign state
1922Independence from the UK
1923Evolved out of Ottoman Empire
1929Independence from Italy
1944Independence from Denmark
1955Treaty to re-establish as a sovereign state
1960Independence from the UK
1964Independence from the UK
11-Mar-1990Independence from USSR
4-May-1990Independence from USSR
20-Aug-1991Independence from USSR
24-Aug-1991Independence from USSR
25-Dec-1991Independence from USSR
15-Jan-1992Independence from Yugoslavia
2-Mar-1992Independence from USSR
6-Apr-1992Independence from Yugoslavia
7-Apr-1992Independence from Yugoslavia
1-Jan-1993Countries split into multiple parts
8-Apr-1993Independence from Yugoslavia
3-Jun-2006Country split into multiple parts
5-Jun-2006Country split into multiple parts
2008Declared Independence

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