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Can you finish the Zoolander quotes?
Turn off my _____?!
You did it Derek! I know! (3 words)
Todd, are you not aware I get _____ and _______ with a foamy latte?
Derek Zoolander. A ______, ______?
Not as much as I'm worried about ______
Moisture is the (3 words)
You have ______ messages. That is a bit above average
Dear God (2 words)
What have you done Derek? You've got _______!
I'm sorry, did my pin get (6 words)
So I became... _______. You can _____ ______?!
Listen to your friend (2 words) He's a cool dude
Can you finish the Zoolander quotes?
Okay can we just cut it out with all the (2 words)
They're ________ fighting
And when it's over.... There's an ______?
I was at a day spa. Day. ________
I just thank the lord she didn't live to see her son as a _______
You're a _____ Derek! Dance!
You know what can help us sort through these important issues? (3 words)
I mean it the way ______ people use it. Which is more meaningful I think
Derek Zoolander Center for (5 words)
But now the (2 words) must be tasted
What is this? A center for ____
I think I got the (2 words) pop!

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