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Can you finish the Zoolander quotes?
Moisture is the (3 words)
What have you done Derek? You've got _______!
Okay can we just cut it out with all the (2 words)
So I became... _______. You can _____ ______?!
Derek Zoolander Center for (5 words)
You have ______ messages. That is a bit above average
You're a _____ Derek! Dance!
Todd, are you not aware I get _____ and _______ with a foamy latte?
And when it's over.... There's an ______?
They're ________ fighting
Turn off my _____?!
I mean it the way ______ people use it. Which is more meaningful I think
Can you finish the Zoolander quotes?
You did it Derek! I know! (3 words)
I think I got the (2 words) pop!
Not as much as I'm worried about ______
What is this? A center for ____
I just thank the lord she didn't live to see her son as a _______
Listen to your friend (2 words) He's a cool dude
I'm sorry, did my pin get (6 words)
But now the (2 words) must be tasted
Dear God (2 words)
You know what can help us sort through these important issues? (3 words)
I was at a day spa. Day. ________
Derek Zoolander. A ______, ______?

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