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'You have a _____'Lincoln (over there)
'_____ can be deferred but it must always be payed back in full'William Bell
'This is my favorite time of day. Sunrise. When the world is full of _____'Olivia
'You have a friend at the NRO?' 'I have a friend who's cracked their _____ systems'Olivia and Peter
'_____ doesn't make it true'Olivia
'You're gonna be _____'Olivia (telling a story)
'Please don't _____ tonight'Peter
'Don't let go of a beautiful _____ hand on my account'Nina Sharp
'I have seen _____, and it is worse than anything you could possibly imagine'Peter
'Exactly. Which means you know things. Things about the other side. Things you couldn't possibly know; unless you've been there; unless you were _____ _____'Peter (hallucination)
'I chose to give up my _____ so that you could keep yours'Walternate
'Enter Olivia's mind how?' '_____!'Peter and Walter
'You were the only thing that got me _____. If it wasn't for you I would have never made it back. You saved my life'Olivia
'This _____ _____ that you are now part of, at best it's-- controversial'Broyles
'Be a better man than _____ _____'Peter's Mom, William Bell, Olivia, Peter, Typewriter
'You're not infected. You're _____'Frank (over there)
'You never made _____ as a kid?'Olivia
'If this works, and I save both of the universes, I want you to consider me officially _____'Peter
'You have to come back because _____ _____ _____ _____'Olivia
'Yeah, I don't know. I've never seen him before. But I think he's the man who's going to _____ _____'Olivia
'And then _____ I had it'Peter
QuoteMissing Word(s)Said By
'And every year, he sends me a _____ on my birthday, just to let me know that he's still out there'Olivia
'I _____ now.'Peter
'They _____ you'Fauxlivia
'On the other side, your beautiful niece _____ is alive. She was born and it's her birthday today. She turns seven'Peter (hallucination)
'I never said it was one of my _____ moments'Fauxlivia
'Walter? I think she liked it better when you were _____'Peter
'When did this happen? When did this become the _____ we live in?'Olivia
'There is a _____ coming. And when it is over, I fear there will be little left of our world'William Bell
'Oh yeah, it's _____. He always cooks naked on __(same word)__'Peter
'Where can I get one of those white _____?'Walter
'Real is just a matter of _____'Peter (hallucination)
'Look at me. You don't think about an hour from now, you don't think about a minute. We're gonna focus on this moment. Okay it's _____ _____ _____'Lincoln Lee (over there)
'His vitals are unstable. They just-- they can't _____ him up'Astrid
'You were right. They don't remember _____.' 'How could they? He never existed. He served his purpose'The Observers
'When you open your mind to the _____, sometimes you might just find the truth'Walter
'Listen, I know you don't like to celebrate, but _____ _____'Charlie
'Do you have any idea how that's _____?'Olivia
'Whichever one he chooses, it will be her side that _____'Sam Weiss
'To understand what happened in the diner, we'll use Mr. _____'Walter
'I will prove it Liv, that I love you. _____'John Scott

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