Team America: World Police

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The main character
The team's psychologist
The team's psychic
The team's martial arts specialist
The team's leader in the field
The head of Team America
The location of Team America's base
The team's supercomputer
The city in the opening scene
What does 'F. A. G.' stand for?
Who is the spokesperson for F. A. G.?
Who is supplying the terrorists with their weapons?
What animals kill Hans Blix?
What animals killed the main character's brother?
Who suicide-bombs the team's base?
Where do the terrorists originate from?
According to the man from the bar, what three types of people are there? (In the correct order)
After which musical is the martial artist specialist raped as a 19-year-old?
The main character starred in what Broadway musical?
What is the name of the main character's middle-eastern alter ego?

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