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I am a cellular organelle, present in non-plant eukaryotic cells, tasked with producing much of the ATP for the cell. Who am I?Biology:
Anatomy of a Cell
Malaria ran rampant through Africa, killing many people over the ages. What harmful genetic defect helped contribute resistance to malaria?Biology:
Natural Selection
Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal-recessive disease. Suppose both your grandfathers had the disease, and your grandmothers had no history of it. What is the chance that you have CF?Biology:
I am a well-known gas which is lighter than air, and very dangerous due to my ability to imitate oxygen in your lungs and silently put you to sleep. What's my full name?Chemistry:
85g of silver nitrate is mixed into 2 L of 0.4M hydrochloric acid. How much solid silver chloride will be precipitated, to the nearest 0.1g?Chemistry:
I have a container with a gas at a pressure of 1.00 atm and a temp. of 0 deg. C. If I raise the temp. to 25 deg. C, what will the pressure be to the nearest 0.01 atm?Chemistry:
Gas Laws
Our high school quarterback just lobbed a deep, high pass at 25 m/s at a steep 60 deg. angle. How far down the field (to the nearest 0.1m) will the receiver catch the ball?Physics:
A 100 kg box sitting on a 30 deg. frictionless slope begins to slide down the ramp. John can push with a force of 300N. How hard (in N) must Jane push to stop the box from sliding?Physics:
A 9 volt battery is connected to a circuit with two lamps in series, with resistances 5 ohms and 10 ohms respectively. What is the current flowing through the circuit?Physics:
I am a famous biologist and chemist, known for developing a method to kill bacteria in some food and drink as well as creating the first rabies vaccine.Wild Card:

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