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Chemical FormulaCommon Name/UseChemical Name and State
N2ONitrous Oxide (g)
NaOHSodium Hydroxide (s/aq)
NaHCO3Sodium Bicarbonate (s)
CH3COCH3Acetone (l)
NaClSodium Chloride (s)
KNO3Potassium Nitrate (s)
C10H8Naphthalene (s)
Ca(ClO)2Calcium Hypochlorite (s)
HO(CH2)2OHEthylene Glycol (l)
Chemical FormulaCommon Name/UseChemical Name and State
CCarbon [SP2 layered] (s)
CCarbon [SP3 crystal] (s)
CaSO4∙0.5H2OCalcium Sulfate Hemihydrate (s)
C6H8O6Ascorbic Acid (s/aq)
CaCO3Calcium Carbonate (s)
Mg(OH)2Magnesium Hydroxide (aq)
(CF2)nPolytetrafluoroethylene (s)
C12H22O11Sucrose (s)
C7H5N3O6Trinitrotoluene (s)

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