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a feral boy who was raised by orangutans later adopted into family of animal loving explorers.
Despite his rat-like appearance and behavior, he is actually a mouse. living in a combined cat and dog house.
red and white, untailed, fat three year old cat; whose best friend is known as Ren.
A shy, somewhat clumsy, 11 1/2 year old daydreamer with a good heart and a dog named porkchop.
a wallaby who encounters various dilemmas and situations regarding otherwise mundane aspects of life. His best friend is Heffer Wolfe.
Crazy, hyper, and yellow beaver twin
This Character lives in an apartment with his grandparents, Phil and Gertrude.
A Bear accompinied by his older role model, Yogi
He has a red head friend named Chucky.
a genetically modified mouse who shares a cage with his smater mouse friend The Brain at Acme Labs.

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