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What phonetic sounds are produced when the air flow is partially blocked and the sound moves through the mouth steadily?Examples: f,t,s,sh,v,th,z
What phonetic sounds are produced through airflow being blocked for a brief time?p,t,k,b,d,g
What phonetic sound is produced by putting both of the above sounds together?ch, j(judge)
What phonetic sound are similar to vowels?w,r,
What phonetic sounds are produced through air moving through the nose?m,n,n(ng)
What phonetic sounds are produced through the tongue hitting the ridge of the teeth and then air moving down the side of the mouth?l
What is the LAD?
Who is an innateness theorist?
Who is a behaviourist theorist?
Who is a social interactionist theorist?
Who is a cognitive theorist?
Give one example of an ascender

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