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I have no problem with ruling fear.
Kids like you are quickly killed..hehehe...sprying that red blood I love.
it's 'cuz of my training. Before he met me he couldn't do a thing!
A dropout can surpass a genius through hard work.
I finally remembered what to draw.
Is being forgotten run in the family?!
I think your the third part of this trilogy...
War brings pain and injury to both sides.
Working as a genin may cause her to be surrounded by death
If i have one finger, that is enough.
Making tools of the dead, nothing good will come of playing with time.
The creator's soul inhabits it creation eh?
Let's all search for Sasuke! Come on!
Litsen MOnkey, Protect those who love the village and believe in you.. and you must raise one who you can entrust.
People become stronger with memories they don't forget.
With my long red hair flying as i beat them half to death, i gained yet another nickname..
Have you forgotten their hopes...... more importantly have you forgotten your dreams?! wanted it so hear it here.
If only i had come here when you told me to, this would never have happened!
thanks to you, my life has gained some importance.
Losers are losers. Their personality and strength will never change.
I'll just second everything your chatty mother said
No matter how much the world changes, there is always fighting.
It is people like that...That we have been able to maintain peace.
Heh! You're rarin' to go for once!
This bridge connects our dreams
Hey Spiky Aloe Guy!!!!!!
Its because you are the darkness! And flowers can but wither in a world without light!!
Hate only gives birth to more hate.
I no longer want to run away!
I owe it all to you!
Your words cut deeper than any blade.
That cocoon must have been sturdier than you expected eh Choji?
He was my enemy, but he cried for me! I hurt him but he called me a friend!
You guys are the epitome of adolescence!!
But its because we know him so well that we can stop him with the least risk to the army.
I thought the oath was just a stupid ceremony..
You were one a master of the puppets.
It is my job to be the pillar that supports that bridge.
Don't think that'll repay the debt just yet.
this thing looks pretty sweet..I wonder who droped it
What do you think a human life is?!
Today's friend is tomorrow's enemy....The more advantages you have, the more I am in danger of being at a disadvantage.

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