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Who said, ' I read it in a book'?
What kind of bird does Itachi use?
What animal does Guy summon?
Suigetsu took whose sword?
Who is the host of the Six Tails?
Did Rock Lee save a squirrel from exploding durring the Chunnina Exams?
Who is the female teammate of team Minato?
How many books are there in the original series?
What does Sakura's name mean?
What is Haku's kekkai genkai?
What episode in the original naruto series did team 7 try to find out what was underneath Kakashi's mask?
Who's name means 'dolphin'?
Is Naruto the second or third host of the kyuubi?
What are Shizune's techniques mostly based on?
Who was able to finally become friends with Kakashi right before he died?
Who is the most powerful ninja ever?
How many times did naruto and sasuke kiss?
What is Neji's registration number?
What is Kabuto's favorite phrase?
What age was Itachi during the Third Great NInja War?
Who is Tsunade's lover?
Who is the only pig in Konoha?
What does Killer B specialize in?
What is Madara's plan called?
What clan is Nagato from?
What does the symbol on Gaara's forehead mean?
Who's name is the same as that Rock/Water type fossil pokemon?
What is the summoning animal of the uchiha clan?
Who is Kakashi's father?
How old is Karin?
What is the second hokage's name?
Did Sasuke cry after learning the truth about Itachi?
Who is Dan's neice?
Does Guy get sea-sick?
Who founded the Akatsuki?
Who was anko's mentor/teacher?
From what clan is 'The Legendary Sucker 'in?
Who is the host for the seven tailed beast?
Why does Shino hold a grudge against Naruto?
What is Kabuto's last name?

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