Characters of Phineas and Ferb

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the girl that wears all black and trys to bust her DAD
the mother that never sees any of her sons inventions
a robot that heps the not-so-evil scientist
the bully
To do List for this summer: BUST MY BROTHERS!!!!!
the evil scientist or what ever he his that makes not very evil contraptions
an adorable pink creature from outer space that has a nice mustache
a man of very little words
the nerd
the triangle headed boy that loves to build
the blue people the triangle headed boy saved from the factory
the guy that works out everything for the awesome pet/agent
he's a PANDA!!!!!!!!
the best friend of the girl who loves to bust
always seen behind a screen
just the coolest pet/agent ever!!
the only thing she says is 'Whatcha doin'?'
little sister of the lover boy
lover boy of the girl who loves to bust her bros
the father of the two builders

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