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What is it called when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly?
How many continents are there?
What is 876 minus 95?
What is the 6th planet from the sun?
Who sang 'Marchin On'?
Of what clan is Shikamaru from?
What color is an Iris(plant)?
Who is USA's 32nd president?
How many questions are there in this quiz?
Manila is the capital of what country?
Who plays as Harry Potter?
At the strike of twelve who reverts back to her old self?
Who is Ash's all time favorite pokemon that never goes inside a pokeball?
What kind of tree stays green all year long?
What is this site called?
Who is the author of The Illustrated Man?
How many strings does a viola have?
Who does InuYasha love by the end of the series?
What is the scientific name for water?
How many seasons does North America?

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