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Can you name the words that begin with the letters 'ban-' by the hint given?

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Ceremony or celebration
Small, market town and school in the UK
Country formerly known as East Pakistan
Frito Chips bandit mascot
The capital and largest city of Thailand
A copycat jumps on the ___
A small feisty creature, usually a chicken
The main villain in the newest Batman film
Stringed instrument traditionally used in bluegrass
A large fig tree mainly found in Southern Asia
Surname of the Hulk
Exiled; Shakespeare's Romeo was ___ after slaying Tybalt
India's fifth most populated city
Brand that protects cuts and scrapes
Common recipes with this food include ___ split and ___ bread
Possessing rings around the body; procedes water snake or honeyeater
Meaning 'ten thousand years' in Japanese; a charging attack
Cloth used for headgear or neck wear
Where money or soil is deposited
A handrail on a staircase

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