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Can you name the missing words from these terms associated with Russia?

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HintMissing WordHint
Catherine the _____Monarch
_____ SquareArchitectural Monument
Baba _____Folklore Character
Saint Basil's ______Architectural Monument
Anna _____Famous Ballerina
Russian _____ DollPopular Tourist Item
_____ Revolution of 1917Famous Historical Event
_____ Lake - TchaikovskyPopular Ballet
Leo _____Famous Author
_____ MountainsRuns North to South in Western Russia
HintMissing WordHint
_____ GagarinFirst Man in Space
'From Russia with _____'James Bond Movie
_____ the TerribleMonarch
Maria _____Highest Paid Female Athlete
_____ PushkinFamous Poet
Lake _____World's Oldest and Deepest Lake
_____ RussianAlchoholic Beverage
The _____ UnionPolitical Power
Trans-_____ RailwayWorld-Famous Railroad
'Crime and _____'' - DostoevskyFamous Book

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