Missing Word: Grab bag China

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Can you name the missing words in these grab-bag terms associated with China?

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HintMissing Word
Hong _____
First Dynasty, the _____ Dynasty
Terra _____ Warriors
Mao _____
Huang He, aka the _____ River
Temple of _____
_____ Panda
The _____ City
Mount _____ (Shengmu Feng)
'I _____'
People's _____ of China
HintMissing Word
Actress Zhang _____
The Great _____ of China
Lao Tzu's 'Tao _____ Ching'
Mandarin and ______ Languages
The Chinese/______ New Year
The _____ Road
Sun _____'s 'Art of War'
Astronomer Zheng _____ (78-139 AD)
Actor Jackie _____
_____ Square
The Peking _____

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