Missing Word: Famous Female Rulers

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Can you name the missing word in the names and titles of a variety of important female rulers throughout history?

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HintMissing Word (alphabetically)
Salome _____
Eleanor of _____
Queen _____ of the Netherlands
_____ the Great of Russia
Tzu-hsi, Dowager Empress of _____
_____ VII of Egypt
Queen _____, The Virgin Queen
_____, Pharoah of Egypt
Liliuokalani, Last Monarch of _____
HintMissing Word (alphabetically)
_____ I of Castille
_____ Antoinette
_____, Queen of Scots
_____, Lady of the English
Nzinga _____
Catherine de _____
Ingeborg of _____
Empress _____ of Byzantium
Maria _____ of Austria

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