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A) Who does Karen marry?
B) Who creates a fashion line?
C) What is that fashion line called?
D) Who kills keith during the school shooting?
E) Who does Brooke beat in her campaign for class president?
F) Who has a friends with benefits arrangement with Brooke in season two?
G) Who is Mouth's assistant in season 4?
H) Where does Rachel take Mouth?
J) Who is Jenny's father?
K) Who is Lily's mother?
L) What is Peyton's fathers name?
M) What is the name of the team that the ravens played the night whitey got his nickname?
N) What is the nickname for Nathan and Haley that people call them by?
O) The name of the show?
P) The name of Lucas's fiancee in season 6?
Q) What do people call Quentin?
R) Where is the place where Lucas used to spend all of his time?
S) What is the name of Lucas's daughter?
T) Where does all of this take place?
W) Who is the coach of the tree hill ravens?

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