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Kramer - 'Oh, Jerry. Would you wake up to reality! It's a military thing. They're probably creating a whole army of pig _____ .'
Kramer - 'I don't wanna get a movie hot dog! I want a _____ hot dog!
Kramer - 'I'm Cosmo Kramer, The _____.'
Kramer - 'Well, it all sounds pretty glamorous, but it's business as usual at _____.'
Kramer - 'Oh, by the way, tomorrow night _____ has to catch a fly ball in his hat.'
George - 'Yes, it's a big coat.' Kramer - 'Be careful with that thing, you'll start a _____.
Kramer - 'A month in Europe with Elaine? That guy's coming home in a _____.'
Kramer - 'George, why would I, a _____ trained dermatologist, send him to another doctor?' '
Hippie #1 'Hey Kramer, have you ever killed a man?' Kramer - 'What do you think junior? You think these hands have been soakin' in _____.'
Jerry - 'We should get you to a hospital.' Kramer - 'I ain't going to no _____.'
Kramer - 'No _____ No _____ No _____.'
Jerry - 'How do you stop a kid from growing?' Kramer - 'I told you, you should offer him some _____.'
Kramer - 'Where does the meat go?' Elaine - 'Right there.' Kramer - 'Where do you turn it on?' Elaine - 'Right there.' Kramer - 'But where does the _____ go?'
Jerry - 'Look at the size of his bird.' Kramer - 'That looks like a dog with a _____ on his head.'
Kramer - 'Bookman? The library investigator's name is actually Bookman? Librarian - 'It's true.' Kramer - 'That's amazing. That's like an ice cream man named _____ .'
Kramer - 'What's she in for?' George - 'Embezzlement' Kramer - 'Sounds like a nice _____ ?
Kramer - 'Yes, yes. I am _____ from the clinic. I need Elaine Benes' chart. She's a patient of mine and she's not going to make it. It's, uh, very bad, very messy.'
Jerry - 'Where are you?' Kramer - 'I'm at the corner of first, and first. Wait a minute. How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the _____ .'
Kramer - 'Yeah, well, I was a different man then.' Jerry - 'With a different body.' Kramer - 'Hey, I got the body of a... taut, _____
Kramer - 'How d'ya like the tuxedo? It's a rental but i've had it for _____ .'

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