Bald and Hairy Leaders

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Can you name the state of bald-/hairiness of the Russian leaders?

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Russian/Soviet LeaderHairy (H) or Bald (B)In Power
Nicholas I1825-1855
Alexander II1855-1881
Alexander III1881-1894
Nicholas II1894-1917
Georgy Lvov1917
Alexander Kerensky1917
Vladimir Lenin1917-1924
Joseph Stalin1924-1953
Nikita Khrushchev1953-1964
Russian/Soviet LeaderHairy (H) or Bald (B)In Power
Leonid Brezhnev1964-1982
Yuri Andropov1982-1984
Konstantin Chernenko1984-1985
Mikhail Gorbachev1985-1991
Boris Yeltsin1991-1999
Vladimir Putin2000-2008
Dmitry Medvedev2008-2012
Vladimir Putin (2)2012-present
Whoever comes after Putin20xx-20xx

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