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Bottom shelf bourbon produced by the Beam company, preferred by Ulysses S. Grant
Admit a mistake
Farmer's bird deterrent
Prying tool
American singer-songwriter: 'All I Wanna Do'
Norse god accompanied by crowlike birds
Fable that taught 'necessity is the mother of invention'
'Separate but equal' segregation legislation in the United States
New Zealand actor of 'American Gangster'
Lookout point on a ship
Brag excessively
Pandemic killer of North American crows
Wrinkles around the eyes
Derisive nickname for Gandalf in Lord of the Rings
Nashville string band best known for 'Wagon Wheel'
Distance given in terms of straight lines, without respect to obstacles
Crow constellation
American rock band: 'Mr. Jones'
Close relative of crows
American Indian tribe with a reservation in Montana
American rock and roll band: 'She Talks to Angels'
Disney film with controversial (racist?) crow trio
Crows rank high among birds in this

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