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Now when the ___ come up, I'll be there to say what up
There must be 50 ways to ____ a record
I guess if I was simple in the mind everything would be ____
Two stepper, gun toter nah nah, smoke ______
Cops be ______ shotguns on the whip
The sun is shinning, man he's super ____
And we can have one hell of a _____, through the day
Finding the perfect _____ to sing to you
I can _____ it but no one believes me
Don't cry for me, it's my _______ to be where I am
I can't believe them sounds of the ____________
You think that I'm ______ well I probably am
Tell me your _______ the things that make you tick
Big homie, made the move, made made the movie, flew off the ____
You're feeling like you're ____ down on the ground

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