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'I feel sorry for my (parents) because they'll probably have to dip into my college fund to pay for intense thearpy...'Finn Hudson
'I'll have you know I have my P.H.D.!'Mr. Schuester
'I don't know what's gonna happen in the future I just know that... I wanna spend more time with you now...'Rachel Berry
'We're hiring Dakota Stanely.'Finn Hudson
'Please... have a seat on the casting couch!'Sue Sylvester
'All the great actresses take their clothes off.'Rachel Berry
'I'd take care of it you know...'Quinn Fabray
'No! Not the children!'Sue
'I'm doing both... Because you can't win without me and niether can they...'Football team
'I think it's going to be great. Did you catch Sue's Corner last night?'Glee Club/Sue's Kids
QuoteCharacterSpeaking to...
'Of course he doesn't want anything to do with us after you kicked him in the nads!'Rachel Berry
'You know what? There's someone out there for everyone... I wouldn't even sweat it.'(No hint! This one's hard)
'Let's take one for the team...'Mr. Schuester
'Bye white people!'Glee Club
'What he doesn't know won't hurt him.'Mercedes
'Don't make me take you to the carpet!'Rachel Berry
'That Rachel kid makes me wanna light myself on fire but she can sing...'Mr. Schuester
'You're gonna need Glee...'Quinn Fabray
'It's glee club not crunk club...'Mercedes
'Then I came up with the best baby name of all time... Drizzle!'Quinn Fabray

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