Not Fade Away (Angel quotes)

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Wesley, why can't I stay?5
Sex with robots is more common than most people think.5
Oh, you have a problem with a little torture now?4
Damn! This is so much harder than it looks on Batman!4
You stake him and I'll cut his head off.2
Get a cab, you moron, and on the way, if a stranger offers you candy, don't get in the van!5
Good night, folks.5
I would never steal files from my employer. I'm shocked at the suggestion.2
I believe you said something about a massacre.2
You don't talk to me, I'll kick your ass. Featured word: ass.1
Well you're just a regular Hans Christian Tarantino, aren't you?2
You're stepping on my moment of manliness here.1
I like time. There's so little and so much of it.1
Pomegranate Mist is the wrong colour for this room.3
I had to sing Barry Manilow. In front of people.2
Well I haven't read the Book of Revelations lately, but if I was looking for adjectives I'd start there.4
You know, this room is equipped with automated training devices. You don't have to test her by just allowing her to pummel you.5
I'm from Sunnydale, we had our own Hellmouth!1
Someday you'll learn the truth, and you'll hate yourself.3
Handsome man, saved me from the monsters.2
They don't crucify here. It's too Christian.3
I'm just on a different road, and this is my off ramp.5
If you don't sign we'll sue your ass off and kill your children. Just kidding, Donald. Nobody wants a lawsuit.2
Could you stab me in the back a little deeper? I still have feeling in my legs.2
I'm a rogue demon hunter now.1
Do you want me to lie to you now?5
The senior partners were very impressed with your sacrifice.1
Wow. Y'know, next to you I am downright linear.3
I think it, I say it. It's my way.1
We're about a month and, what, four hundred years too late?2
So. Not a toaster.3
How about you both bite me?3
I can't have y'all seeing through my brusque and macho exterior.2
Okay Atlas, how about a shrug?5
And one world with nothing but shrimp... I tired of that one quickly.5
Is that it? Am I done?1
There is nothing so lovely as dreams.2
They're looking at the wee little puppet man.5
You been sneaking peeks at my Streisand collection again, kiddo?4
Are you saying we should annoy other people?5
Okay, you take the thirty thousand on the left...5
I don't get it. Why are they afraid of Xena?2
Funny thing about black and white - you mix it together and you get grey.4
When you decapitate a loved one you don't expect them to come visiting.4
I will never trust you again. The trust is gone.3
Oh no, I'm quite dead. Unfortunately my contract with Wolfram and Hart extends well beyond that.2
I helped save the world, y'know.5
When I got here, they... they didn't do that. Well that's nice for her.2
Blondie bear?5
Do y'all have a chart or something?3

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