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DefinitionsWord Pair
One means to be able; the other, to have permission
One means to convey indirectly; the other, to reach an informed conclusion
One means a smaller number that can be counted; the other, a smaller amount
One means at a greater distance; the other, to advance
One means an actor with a leading role; the other, a code or essence
One means a city that is the seat of government; the other, the main government building
One means to bestow; the other, to compensate
One means a dry, arid region; the other, a sweet treat eathen after a meal
One means to stop; the other, to smash
One means preferably, the other; if
DefinitionsWord Pair
One means to examine items to note similarities; the other, to present a difference
One means to be; the other, what we own
One means having the proper qualities; the other, in a proper manner
One means to receive; the other, excluding
One is used with three or more; the other, with only two
One means to place something; the other, to recline
One means to come before; the other, to go forward
One means something to which thought or action is directed; the other, the main topic of a thought
One means at an advanced point in time; the other, more recent
One means to cause a change; the other, an outcome

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