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Lonely Planet says...City
The Islamic past feels recent, as a growing North African population has filled the Albayzín with kebab and cake shops and slipper and tea nooks, even a new mosque
Seventeenth-century buildings. Joint-smoking alien sculptures. Few cities meld history with modern urban flair like xxxx
The coolest, most cosmopolitan, most exciting and, yes, Danny Kaye was right, the most wonderful city in Scandinavia: welcome to xxxx.
Red pillar boxes, fish-and-chip shops, bobbies on the beat, and creaky seaside hotels with 1970s furnishings; xxxx is a piece of Portsmouth sliced off and towed 500 miles
BMWs dominate traffic, fashionable youths strut down boutique-lined avenues. How did this excessive wealth find its way to the capital of one of Europe’s poorest countries?
How can a people that has suffered so much produce a city of such vitality? In the 1990s this was a city and people on the edge of annihilation,
a town that’s long been in the cross-hairs of history: xxxx staged a revolution, was headquartered by fascists, bombed to bits, ripped in half and finally reunited
...enduring symbols of its glorious history, from the White Tower on its café-lined waterfront all the way up to the Byzantine walls, just above the Upper Town...
You may have heard that xxxx is an engineering marvel, marble churches built on ancient posts driven deep into the barene, but the truth is that xxxx is built on sheer nerve
Be warned: like Canberra in Australia and several other world capitals, xxxx only got the gig by being the compromise candidate.
Water, water everywhere – xxxx has always been outward-looking. Its dynamism, multiculturalism and hedonistic red-light district all arise from its maritime history.
Lord Byron was not overstating the matter when he proclaimed xxxx ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’. A magnificent curtain of walls surrounds marble streets
As bright yellow trams wind their way through curvy tree-lined streets village-life gossip is exchanged at the public baths as fadistas perform in the background
It’s just too easy to make fun of xxxx, twinned with England's Margate, what with all the speak-your-weight and test-your-punch machines lining its waterfront­ promenade.
Once lumped with Beirut, Baghdad and Bosnia as one the four ‘B’s for tourists to avoid, xxxx has pulled off a remarkable transformation from bombs-and-bullets pariah to hip..
Lonely Planet says...City
a dazzling hilltop castle as her crown, xxxx is a princess in size (petite). The princess, whose name almost means ‘beloved’, is also a working girl as the country's capital
xxxx can appear like one of the models gracing its catwalks: great bone structure (in the shape of historic and striking architecture), extravagant taste and no obvious soul
xxxx is a sea-town par excellence. Half the city seems to be water, and the tortured geography of the coastline includes any number of bays, inlets and a speckling of islands
xxxx is a mind-blowing experience. Ostensibly, it's a European capital, but officially, the city hearkens back to Soviet times: the KGB building is impossible to miss,
Flattened in WWII, ever since, xxxx has been racing to replace what was lost. After 1989, that pace accelerated, and has so many cranes you’d think you’d landed in Beijing.
xxxx stunned the world and disrupted sleep for evil dictators everywhere when its incensed residents instigated the 1989 revolution.
xxxx combines urban mayhem and black humour and is so friendly, it’s sometimes downright unnerving. And where else can you land in the middle of a city in a seaplane?
There is an underlying oddness that creates its soul. Where else could there be the world's only statue of psychedelic musician and composer Frank Zappa?
A shrine to Mozart’s melodies? A Sound of Music stage? A Disneyfied city with scrumptious cakes, sugar-coated mountains and one helluva fortress? Yep
museums filled with treasures, pleasure boats sailing up and down the scenic Danube and Turkish-era thermal baths belching steam, xxxx is a delight both by day and by night
infamous for its excessive Friday-night runtur, a wild pub crawl round the superstylish bars.Add to this a backdrop of snow-topped mountains, incredible volcanic surroundings
visitors often arrive in xxxx with all sorts of expectations: intellectuals discussing weighty matters in cafés, naughty nightclub revues, rude people who won’t speak English
Touristy, overcrowded and a tad fake. Suspended in time, xxxx is now one of Western Europe’s most-visited medieval cities. Picturesque market squares, dreamy canals...
xxxx is a city of superlatives. It boasts the most billionaires, the most expensive cups of coffee and – coming soon – the most colossal building in the world.
Hemmed by a ‘fjord’ and kilometres of woodland, xxxx is an easy-going city with an eclectic architectural mix of old, new and just plain 1960s that is hard not to like.

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