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Citadel Council species; blue skin, one gender
They speak in monotone, so must state their emotion before talking
They studied Earth from Mars during Cro-Magnon times
Plans were made to destroy them and replace them with the Geth as regulators of the Citadel
Commander Shepard has the option of calling them 'Big, Stupid, Jellyfish!'
'We have no beginning and no end. Our victory is inevitable. '
When placed on a Dragon's Tooth, other species' innards decay and are replaced, becoming zombie-like these
An enormous plant that spawns 'Creepers' from itself
Reputation for being tenacious and doing anything to get what they want; hail from planet Earth
They have been exiled from their own planet by AI they designed
They AI that developed sentience and exiled the above species
They live in highly pressurized suits that mach their home environment; they are short and stubby
Hive mind--you have the choice of destroying the 'Last of Its Kind'
Quadrupedal, violent, unintelligent creatures used for meat on planets like Feros
Citadel Coucil species; many are scientists or researchers because of theri quick thinking and analyzing minds
Citadel Council species; almost bird-like in appearance
Giant worms that Commander Shepard can destroy with ease in a Mako
Never met in Mass Effect, but known to be unfriendly to the Alliance
Hit by a genophage that raised their infant mortality rate

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