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Vitamin D analog and supplementation; to treat hypocalcemia in renal failure, and hypoparathyroidism
Prescription antiemetic; blocks dopamine receptors in chemoreceptor trigger zone of the CNS, causes enhanced motility and accelerated gastric emptying without stimulating secretion
Anticholinergic, Urinary analgesic; for incontinence, decreases urinary frequency; SE: dry mouth, vertigo
Emetic agent - only with conscious patients
Broad-spectrum PCN; for lower respiratory infections, otitis media, sinusitis, skin infections, and UTIs; effects decreased when taken with erythromycin and tetracycline
Calcium-channel blocker; long-term antianginal treatment; decreases BP, vasodilation of the coronary and peripheral vessels; watch for hypotension
Beta-blocker drug of choice; treats angina, stable ventricular dysrhythmias, pectoris, hypertension; reduces pain, decreases O2 demand; slow ventricular heart rate - leads to brady
Urinary analgesics; given PRN to relieve burning, pain, frequency, and urgency related to UTIs; treats only symptoms, not underlying cause; known to stop some of the hesitancy
Aminoglycoside and antitubercular; used with isoniazid and rifampin; ototoxic and nephrotoxic
Antianginal; to decrease workload of the heart and promote vasodilation; major SE: headache; causes significant hypotension; contraindicated with Viagra
Nonprescription antiemetic, antidiarrheal; for diarrhea, gastric distress; can be used as antacid for gastric discomfort - common for traveler's diarrhea
Antiulcer; H2-blocker, blocks histamine response, decrease blood flow; reduce gastric acid secretion and concentration; used for GERD; drug of choice to prevent and treat peptic ul
Nonspecific adrenergic; treats allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, bronchospasm, cardiac arrest, orthostatic hypotension, cardiac contraction; antidote for PCN reaction
Congestive heart failure agent; increases stroke volume and cardiac output, and promotes vasodilation; EKG and cardiac status closely monitored
Urinary stimulant drug of choice; stimulates urination and emptying of bladder; for hypotonic or atonic bladder - increases bladder and detrusor muscle tone; contraindication: pept
Antitubercular, first-line; used as combo drug for active TB; turns body fluid orange, soft contact lenses may be discolored; monitor liver enzymes; makes urine red
Laxative, bulk forming; to control chronic constipation, draws water into intestine; pt to drink lots of water
Antiulcer; Pepsin inhibitor; to prevent gastric mucosal injury from drug-induced ulcers; coats stomach
Antidiarrheal; Opiate and opiate related agent; with atropine - decreases dependence and abuse; slows peristalsis, causes drowsiness; not with glaucoma or other sedatives
Antitubercular drug of choice; leeches vit B6 out of body, which causes peripheral neuropathy toxicity or deterioration of vision
Given before growth plates fuse; may cause diabetes (lead to hyperglycemia)

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