Same Last Name (NFL Edition)

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Can you name the NFL Players with the Same Last Name?

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First NamesLast Name
Cullen, Michael, Kris
Dallas, Desmond, Ryan
Dunta, Laurent, Michael
DeAngelo, Pat, Roy
Alex, DeAngelo, Leon
Al, Antoine, Tommie
Adrian, Adrian (not a typo), Julian
DeSean, Steven, Vincent
Larry, Andre, Calvin
Fabion, Kelley, Leon
Fred, Ike, Jason
Eli, Peyton, Need I Say More
Chris, Kris, Donald
Heath, Justin, Zach
Bernard, Bryan, Bart
First NamesLast Name
Jacoby, Julius, Thomas
Javon, Reggie, Langston
Lance, Kenny, Mewelde
Andre, Vernon, Vontae
Adrian, Eugene, Gibril
Jared, Jason, Will
Alex, Steve, Rod
Devery, E.J., Robert
Randy, Santana, Sinorice
Demetrius, Mike, Yeremiah
James, Bob
Ed, Jeff, Josh
Barry, Ernie, Pat
Adalius, Joe, Pierre
Chris, Sam, Jason

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