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ClueFamous Person
'Titanic' theme singer
Woman convicted in the manslaughter death of John Belushi
Played Gob on Arrested Development and more recently Paul in 30 Rock
Basketball Inventor
Singer of 'You Oughta Know' and 'Ironic'
2003 Masters Golf Tournament winner
1997 NL MVP
'Girlfriend' and 'Sk8r Boi' singer
Original Captain Kirk on 'Star Trek'
Portrayed Kate on 'LOST'
Group that sings 'If I Had $1,000,000'
Original 'Hardy Boys' author
ClueFamous Person
'Wake Up' Band
'The Great One' from the NHL
Actor who played Marty McFly in the 'Back to the Future' movies
2-Time NBA MVP who plays for the Suns
Tommy Lee's ex-wife
Former Smashing Pumpkins bassist
'Deal or No Deal' host
Photo shoot director on 'America's Next Top Model'
'Jeopardy' host
Pittsburgh Penguin who tied for the most goals scored in the 09-10 season
2004 NL Rookie of the Year currently on the Mets
Drummer for Canadian band Rush

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