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office, construction site, McDonalds
apple product
art class, design class, fashion designer class
hamburger and a large...?
male mid life crisis
facebook, myspace, twitter, google, yahoo...
ferrero rocher, chocour, hershey
lol, jk, lmao, rotfl, ttyl, btw...
gossip girl, 90210, vampire diaries, the office, hellcats, scrubs, family guy, ANTM
we r who we r, airplanes, club can't handle me,
library, school
'you've got mail!'
your bed, a couch, a comfy chair
red, blue green, yellow
Beethoven, Mozart, Bach
kiss f.m....b96...107.5 wgci.....power 92
sunday newspaper funny's section
sports illustrated, seventeen, vogue
Hawaii, Bahamas, Florida
blah blah blah...yap yap yap!
karaoke, don't forget the lyrics
summer day treat

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