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EquipmentMostly thrown across map in SnD
Quick sniper killa quick zoom in,shoot,zoom out prosses
Name of the CampaignCpt Price : 'This is ____ ___ ____ if we die his lie becomes histroy
A strong fierce offline enemyFound mostly in Spec ops
K.I.A at the terminal airport with a group of terroristsPlayable character up to the terrorist mission
EquipmentUsed for boosting and respawning
The 4 TF141 characters2 KIA 2 kill shephard
MapHome for snipers / H ______
Character5 years ago i lost 30, 000 men in a blink of an eye, and the world just F***ing watched.
4 Online Teamsthe teams like in cod 4 you had opfor and sas

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