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DescriptionFabricUsed to Make
glossy thick fiberSacks, rope, twine
made from the stems of cannabis and very waterproofBags, sacks, ropes
a synthetic silklike fiberApparel, furniture
rough twilled woolCoats, outerwear
durable cotton piled fabric with vertical ribsTrousers, jackets, shirts
heavy coarse durable twilled cottonOveralls
coarse plain-woven jute or hemp fabricBags, sacks
velvety silk, wool or cotton fabric with protruding pileThrows, bedspreads, carpets
light loosely woven fabricFlags
thin, glossy silkGowns, curtains
light woollen fabricPajamas, bedclothes
a cloth with a glossy surface and dull backBaseball jackets, athletic shorts, nightgowns
fine wool made from alpaca hairSweaters, jackets, bags
fine goat's wool fabricScarfs, shawls
soft “breathable” principal clothing fiber of the worldApparel
sheer and delicate thin silkVeils, gowns, ballet tutus
DescriptionFabricUsed to Make
firm and durable twilled cottonJeans
durable thin smooth fabric typicallyBedsheets
a fabric made from the hair of sheepBlankets, sweaters, socks
light crinkled fabricDecorations
a strong resilient synthetic fiberPantyhose
soft piled fabric of silkDresses, pants
sheer silk fabricEvening wear, blouses, ribbons
fabric made from silky hair of angora goatsSweaters
fabric of thick, low-quality woolen clothBags
silk-like fabric made from woolSweaters, mittens, baby clothes
widely used synthetic clothingApparel, blankets, furniture
expensive type of wool knitted into fine garmentsSweaters
shimmering natural protein fiberDresses, blouses
piled fabric consisting of uncut loopsRobes, towels, sweatbands
soft durable plain-woven cottonSporty dress clothes
heavy durable waterproof cottonCoats

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