Portia's Speech

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Can you name the words of Portia's Mercy Speech (Merchant of Venice)?

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The quality of mercy is not ________.
It_______ as the ________ rain from heaven
Upon the ________ beneath. It is twice_____:
It ______ him that gives and _____ that ________.
Tis ________ in the _____________; it becomes
The throned _______ better than his _________.
His ______ shows the force of _______ power,
The ___________ to ____ and majesty,
Wherein doth ______ the dread and______ of kings.
But _______ is above this sceptered ______;
It is enthroned in the ______ of _________;
_____ is an_______ of God himself;
And _______ power doth then ______ like God's
When mercy _______ justice.

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