Billy Joel Clip Quiz (Difficult)

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0:00-0:07Cold Spring Harbor
0:07-0:1452nd Street
0:14-0:21Streetlife Serenade
0:21-0:28Piano Man
0:35-0:42The Nylon Curtain
0:42-0:49Storm Front
0:49-0:56River Of Dreams
0:56-1:03An Innocent Man
1:03-1:10The Bridge
1:10-1:17Cold Spring Harbor
1:17-1:24Piano Man
1:24-1:31Streetlife Serenade
1:38-1:4552nd Street
1:45-1:52Glass Houses
1:52-1:59The Nylon Curtain
1:59-2:06The Bridge
2:06-2:13An Innocent Man
2:13-2:20Storm Front
2:20-2:27Streetlife Serenade
2:27-2:34The Stranger
2:34-2:41The Stranger
2:41-2:49Glass Houses
2:49-2:56The Nylon Curtain
2:56-3:19River Of Dreams

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