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Incomplete Idiomsidiom words
Zip your ______!
I'm going to _____ the books tonight.
I've got everything but the _______ _____.
That was close, but no _______.
Use some ______ grease!
Don't give up your _____ ______!
Got it by the ______ of my teeth.
Let's get down to _______ ______.
He went to hell in a _________.
A _______ paints a thousand words.
I'm feeling under the ________
Please ______ me a line.
He can't cut the _______.
That was a piece of _____.
I've got an ______ to grind.
Let me ______ on it.
A ________ can't change his spots.
Don't look a _____ _____ in the mouth
I'm all _____.
Hold your _______!
Don't make a _____ out of a _______!
You see it only once in a _____ ______.
________ speak louder than _______
She was living high on the ______.
It was a ________ in disguise
Incomplete Idiomsidiom words
It's time to pay the ______.
Just _____ to the chase.
You made your ______, now _____ in it.
I've got my _____ on you!
Can you lend me a ______?
I'm _______ the midnight oil.
Don't be an old _______ _______.
I'm in over my _____.
You're getting on my _______ !
That went down like a _____ balloon.
______ times call for _____ measures
That costs an _____ and a ____!
A ______ saved is a _______ earned.
Let ________ dogs lie.
It's raining _____ and _____!
Don't be a ______ ______ driver!
Keep your _____ up.
Back to the _______ board.
You've been _____ up the wrong _______.
Make sure you keep your ______ to the grindstone.
I'll keep my _______ crossed.
We must have gotten our _______ crossed!
I've got a ______ in my throat
I'll give you a taste of your own ________.
That is such a _____ and _____ story.

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