Harry Potter Sweets

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descriptions and slogansSweet
'Make your teeth chatter and squeak'
These won't help you with spells but they are delicious
Useful when there's a Dementor around.
'Breathe fire for your friends'
Perfect for the dentist in the family.
Come with a card of a famous witch or wizard.
You don't need a fly swatter with these!
'Suck on them in class and look like you're thinking'
descriptions and slogansSweet
'Massive sherbet balls that make you levitate'
This variety won't eat your garden.
'Hop realistically in your stomach'
Watch out for the antennas in these.
'Full of strawberry mousse and clotted cream'
'Fill the room with bluebell colored bubbles'
Burn a hole right through your tongue.
Be mindful of the flavors, you might get earwax!

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