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Howard: 'Who cuts people's hair in the middle of the night?' Vince: 'I do. They call me the midnight barber'Series 2, Coconuts, Ruby, huts
??: 'Do you like Bailey's? Mmmm creamy soft and creamy beige'Series 2. Bailey's, Mangina
The Hitcher: 'Elements of the past and the future combining to create something not quite good as either'Series 3. The Hitcher, Elbow Patches, Pete Neon
Howard: 'I'm Monsoon Moon, I'm coming atcha like a beam, like a ray, like a laser'Series 1. Boxing Match, Mrs Gideon
??: 'Twist my head clean off, put me to sleep with your kind boots, Mr Fancy Man'Series 3. The cape, Binmen, Jazzercise, Shamen Juice
??: 'You wanna know about my thumb do ya boy? Intrigue you does it boy?'Series 1. Ivan, Animal Offenders Institute, a strange box
Rudy: 'Feel the power of my fusion lick'Series 2. Rudy, Spider, the New Sound

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