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candles in the dark casting shadows on our parent's battlesSickly Business
you said that i ain't like the way i write and that ain't rightHuman The Death Dance
i'm no good when im a bad, bad man. i'm gonna dance so slow it appears to be my last standLi(f)e
i'd give a 21 gun shot salute with the toy rifle that you bought me but it won't shootPersonal Journals
could've substituted your name with the title but i decided that i'd keep it privateSick of Waiting Tables
keep enemies closer than where friends are atHuman The Death Dance
trigger finger itch to spark any conversationPersonal Journals
i keep one in my pillowcaseA Healthy Distrust
how far does this black tunnel go? i've got a car but the gas is runnin' lowA Healthy Distrust
one's dream is everyone else's nightmareThe Known UnSoldier Sick of Waging War

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