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What county is Middletown in?le
Who is the current mayor of Middletown?le
What golf course is swagging at 601 Aberdeen drivele
Name the curly haired clown that lives on Flemmingle
What donut shop is swagging at 3533 Roosevelt Blvd?le
Name one of the two people that work at the drive thru next to BPle
Name one word that is in the clown frat's vocabularyle
Where does Middletown play their home football games?le
What legendary Middletown Basketball player won a high school, NCAA, NBA, and Olympic Championshiple
Name a retard that loves the dolphinsle
Name the catholic elementary school on Universityle
Name one of the Keegan's dogsle
What outdoor basketball court do the true ballers ball on?le
Who has one ear bigger than the other?le
Name one of the young white rappers in the Middletown areale
What is the most common type of dip used by clown frat members?le
Who lives on Sol's and used to have a dog named Hogan?le
Who lives on Ellen and looks like they're 40?le
What type of car does AJ drive?le
Does Austin Barber have a girlfriend?le
What baseball team did Tim Murphy use to coach?le
What baseball team did Doug Howard use to coach?le
What street is The Jug on?le
Where did Matt Mulligan go to High School?le
What restaurant has Supertubes?le
Who makes the best Cheesecake?le

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