Pro Athletes: What's my last name?

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Can you name the last name of these athletes?

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First NameLast NameClue
?person who drives a vehicle
?person who cuts hair
?thing that you drive
?not wrong but...
?Freshwater (plural)
?what many people live in
?cars are driven on a ...
?what old people use as balance
?flower used on valentines day
?not forests but ...
?This state is the most northeastern state
?if your not big you are ...
?person whose job is to take care of a garden or lawn
?when baseball players aren't a batter they are a...
?Finish the Sentence: ring the door...
?to the the...(song by lil Jon)
?what you cover a bed with
?body of water larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf
?when you finish something you are
?in order to get from one floor to another you use
?person who works at a bakery
First NameLast NameClue
?river located in new york city
?if you are not old you are...
?a vacation on a ship
?asian dish that can white,fried,or brown
?Animal that flies
?beatles song...cirque du soleil
?how much something costs is the ...
?your 1st birthday is the day you were...
?Christmas is an example of this
?a thick dressing of egg yolks vinegar or egg juice
?the color of this runningback's team (i'm on HBO's Hardknocks)
?a low plant with many branches
?calm wind
?food thats hard but easily breakable is...
?the Milwaukee Brewers play here
?you are full after you have
?a chef is a good...
?if your not high then your...(altitude)
?a swamp or bog

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