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Civil Rights leaders and Villans
President during Freedom Rides
Ran failed campaign in Chicago in 1968
Presidential candidate for Black Panthers, ran the organisation while Newton was in jail.
First person to use the term Black Power in an interview
President from 1963-1968.
Integrated 'Ole Miss'
Lawer that tried Brown v. Board of Education case for NAACP.
Head of NAACP in Jackson, Mississippi. First person to try an integrate 'Ole Miss'.
Leader of United Farm Workers (UFW) fought for latino workers rights.
Police Chief in Albany, Georgia
Head of SCLC
President during the Little Rock 9.
Law student that sued the state of Texas and won a supreme court case in 1950.
Civil Rights leaders and Villans
Born in Nebraska, he became the face of the Nation of Islam before leaving and founding Muslim Mosque Inc.
Leader of Nation of Islam
Founder of CORE
Initiated 'To Secure These Rights' report.
Chief Justice of Supreme Court in 1954.
Women arrested on December 1, 1955.
Closed schools in Arkansas to prevent integration.
Killed in Money, Mississippi in 1955
Police Chief in Birmingham, Alabama
Mayor of Chicago, got an injunction preventing King from holding marches.
Founder of black panthers
Governor of Alabama during protest in Birmingham.

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