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Can you name the things some say about The Stig?

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Some say...missing word(s)
His first name really is ___.
He's Mac __________.
His tears are ________.
His skin has the texture of ________.
He is scared of _____.
His ________ are terrifying.
He thought ____ ____ was a documentary.
When there's a really important job to do, he skives off to play _______.
He has no understanding of ______.
His earwax tastes like _______ _______.
He is confused by ______.
He is _______ in 17 U.S. states.
All his legs are _________.
Once, preposterously, he had an affair with ____ ________.
If he felt like it, he could ____ Alan Sugar.
Some say...missing word(s)
If he could be bothered, he could crack the __ _____ ____ in 43 seconds.
For some reason, he's allergic to the _____.
He isn't machine ________.
He gets terrible ______ on his helmet.
He knows two facts about ducks, and both of them are _____.
He thinks the 'credit crunch' is some kind of _________ ______.
His _________ have been found as far north as York.
He has a full size tattoo of ___ ____, on his face.
He invented ________.
He has twelve GCSEs, all in ________ _______.
He has some terrible plans involving the ____.
His new Christmas range of frangrances includes the great smell of _________.
The drinks cabinet in his car contains fourteen different types of _______.
He's terrified the BBC will reveal his salary, because he's paid in strong ___________.
He can '_____________'.

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