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1 cubic foot of liquid (into gal)
1 bushel (into pecks)
1 liter (into cubic decimeters)
1 inch (into cm)
1 yard cubed (into feet cubed)
1 gross (into units)
1 oz (into grams)
1 metric ton (into kgm)
1 kilometer (into miles) (decimal form)
1 cubic foot of water (into lbs)
1 foot cubed (into inches cubed)
1 liter (into c.c)
1 meter (into inches)
1 quart (into pints)
1 liter (into quarts)
1 gal (into inches cubed)
1 pound (into grams)
1 foot sq.(into inches sq)
1 lb (into oz)
1 bushel (into pints)
1 c.c (into ml)
1 kilogram (into lbs.)
1 gal (into quarts)
liters per gallon

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