Harry Potter Staff: Past, Present and Future

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Can you name the Harry Potter Teachers: Past and Present?

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Stern bun
His club sounds like what Ron never wants to taste again
Foe-glass, faux leg
Sat down by the fire, left his body behind
Only talked about by Hermione
Vulgar fondness for pink
No less than 62 probations
Wants a dragon
Groundskeeper in Molly Weasley's Time
Smallest Teacher
Sirius, Bellatrix, and Regulus
Petunia's childhood nemesis
'Underfed Vulture'
Murdered by Voldemort, Book 7
James Potter II can't give him love at school
Headmaster in Tom Riddle's Time
Last to hold the post for over a year
Has the most charming smile
Might need earmuffs in her class
Lemon drop
Wardrobes and Teachers Lounge
Fraud--probably. Probably caused the entire series to be written--yep
Replaces bones

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