Harry Potter Staff: Past, Present and Future

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Can you name the Harry Potter Teachers: Past and Present?

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No less than 62 probations
Lemon drop
Wants a dragon
Murdered by Voldemort, Book 7
'Underfed Vulture'
Replaces bones
Smallest Teacher
Headmaster in Tom Riddle's Time
Sat down by the fire, left his body behind
Might need earmuffs in her class
Stern bun
Sirius, Bellatrix, and Regulus
Has the most charming smile
Groundskeeper in Molly Weasley's Time
Foe-glass, faux leg
Wardrobes and Teachers Lounge
Vulgar fondness for pink
Petunia's childhood nemesis
His club sounds like what Ron never wants to taste again
Last to hold the post for over a year
James Potter II can't give him love at school
Only talked about by Hermione
Fraud--probably. Probably caused the entire series to be written--yep

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