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LineMissing WordSpeaker
I'm gonna be a ________ king,Simba
so ________ beware!Simba
Well I've ________ seenZazu
a king of _________Zazu
with _________ so little hair...Zazu
I'm gonna be the _______ eventSimba
________ no king was beforeSimba
I'm ___________ up onSimba
looking ________Simba
I'm __________ on my Simba
________ far a ratherZazu
_____________ thing...Zazu
Oh, I just can't _______ to be king!Simba
No one saying ____ thisSimba
Now when I said _____---Zazu
No one saying ____ thereNala
What I _______ was----Zazu
No one saying _____ thatSimba
What you don't _______---Zazu
No one saying ____ hereSimba and Nala
Now see ______!Zazu
Free to run ________all daySimba
That's __________ out--Zazu
Free to do it ______Simba
my ________!Simba
I ______ it's time Zazu
that _____ and IZazu
LineMissing WordSpeaker
________ a heart-to-heartZazu
Kings don't need _______Simba
From little __________ for a startSimba
If this is where the _________ is headedZazu
_______ me outZazu
Out of __________,Zazu
out of ___________Zazu
I wouldn't hang _________Zazu
This _______ is gettingZazu
_________ out of wingZazu
Oh, I just can't wait to be _______!Simba
Everybody look ______Simba
Everybody look ______Nala
Everywhere you ______ I'm--Simba
Standing in the __________!Simba and Nala
Not _____Zazu
Let every __________ go forAnimal Chorus
______ and singAnimal Chorus
Let's hear it in the _______ Animal Chorus
and on the _______Animal Chorus
It's gonna be _______ ________Animal Chorus
finest ________Animal Chorus
Oh, I _______ can't wait to be king!Simba
Oh, _____ just can't wait to be king!Nala
Oh, I just can't ______...Simba
Just ______ waitNala
_____ be king!Simba, Nala, and Animal Chorus

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