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'Actually, I'm studying cartography now, the mapping of uncharted territories.'
'I guess it's time for me to mosey on.'
'This is Michael Bluth.'
'Bye you guys! Really great to see you again!'
'Oh, I'm sorry, I'm falling all over you!'
'I would kiss before I spoke.'
'...even minor crimes were punishable by brutally chopping off the offender's hand.'
'You can't just comb that out and reset it?'
'Michael! How are you?'
'Well, I'm a professional. I'm serious, and I'm a professional.'
'Five pounds for each year of my life!'
'Good grief, mother. Not all homosexuals are flamboy... Oh my God! I have the exact same blouse!'
'Don’t get up. Oh, I just-a find-a the supplies because I’m a...'
'Can I tell you something, my man?'
'Look what they've done, Michael.'
'I'm so sorry. It was a client.'
'Oh wait! What time is it?'
'Um, yeah... I bought a frozen banana, and when I bit into it, I found this.'
'I'll get my gear.'
'Lucille? Lucille! Are you something, showing up here without your husband!'
'Illusion, Michael. Trick is something a w**** does for money.'

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